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As a Teacher

Andrew has studied voice both at the collegiate level as well as private professional level, having received training in both Alexander and Bel Canto technique. He has trained with world class musicians such as Dr. William Sauerland, Amy Shoremount-Obra of the Metropolitan Opera, and Tony Award Winning singer Eugene Brancoveanu. As a teacher Andrew invests himself in the personal development of each and every one of his students tailoring his teaching and lending a sympathetic ear to meet the specific needs of each individual student, providing guidance, mentorship and support for whatever goals they have both personally and professionally. Many of his students have seen both personal and professional success, and have been heard singing in workshops and masterclasses on Broadway, in local musical theatre productions, leading on church worship teams, as well as on live television. 

Are you looking to study singing in a private setting? Andrew offers lessons to both adults and youth in the San Francisco Bay Area, both in person, and online. Whether you are pursuing singing as a professional preparing for an audition, competition, or show, or just wanting to enrich your life and improve on your own personal singing skills, Andrew's extensive training as well as professional experience will help you improve along your journey as a singing musician. 

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